Making an open source version of Rubber Ducky (the HID payload one) with a complete IDE

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    Can you add Arduino support? (Possibly using seytanic's ducky script converter)
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    @ewpratten it supports every at* board
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    @ewpratten also not with the ducky converter, the script gets translated to native c code
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    @BindView not any, because only specific ones support to be put into HID mode iirc?
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    @JoshBent there is custom hid firmware for a few arduinos tho.
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    @JoshBent i tested a few atmega boards, they worked but with a different driver, if i get some money i can spare, ill buy more boards for testing
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    @BindView @ewpratten

    you seem to be both right, looking at nicohood/hid project, it seems theres actually a pretty expanded list by now since last time I tried it (when mostly attiny85 and teensies were viable for things like keyboard projects), though I remember it being difficult to actually successfully get HoodLoader to work:

    Uno (with HoodLoader2)
    Mega (with HoodLoader2)
    Any other 8u2/16u2/at90usb8/162/32u2/32u4 compatible board
    No SAM/ARM support (Due, Zero etc)

    also from arduino docs: "The keyboard functions enable a 32u4 or SAMD [...]"
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    @fun2code https://github.com/RazorSh4rk/...

    It only works with attiny right now, digikeyboard isnt ported to atmega
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