Had an employee evaluation today that I had been anticipating with a lot of anxiety since December. Went in with major impostor syndrome thinking I’m just not contributing enough and I was going to be put on the spot. But, they told me they couldn’t be happier with the work I’ve been doing. Now I can finally relax.

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    Way to go!
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    Have this feeling constantly...
    I guess it's the way they tend to put their promises onto my ability to fulfill them, although there's always something outside of my control.

    "Trust in yourself and your capabilities"
    /failing to do so myself like any day of the week
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    That's because of unreal expectations you have towards yourself. I have the same problem, and from past experience - pretty much everyone has this problem. Non devs observe only the results however, and that's where you're good compared to other people.
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    Congrats, keep doing you!
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