"My think isn't working!"
"Let me see."
*starts program, error message appears, clicks X*
"What was that?"
"Don't know, appears every time, I never read it."

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    God, I hate it so much when people do it
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    Its exaclty like the people who copy paste the error message and ask for help when if they took 2 seconds to read the error it says what line and class the error resolves around.
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    This made me die, so true
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    Looks like their think really ISN'T working.
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    @irene hahahaha loved it
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    I just noticed that I wrote "think", not "thing". I guess I can't edit here?
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    @Fabian not 232 days after posting xD you can edit within the first 30 mins and i think within 2 hours as one of the paid perks
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