I hate Microsoft!

But i gotta say, VS Code is a really good IDE. Guess they should've gone open source a long time ago

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    Isnt vs code more of a text editor than an ide?
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    It is good though, really
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    VSCode, amazing.

    Since it uses a plugin based system, you can make it a text editor, viewer, IDE..etc. like atom.
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    I said the same thing and gave Microsoft a golf clap for doing a good job with the code editor and how it’s handled memory
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    @someDude nope, it's half way between the two.
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    Ms is the company with most repos on github... Of you hate ms, you love google or apple?
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    @coolq isnt VS Code an atom fork?

    seems like that isnt true:


    "There are rumors that Visual Studio code is either a fork or rebranding of Github's Atom Editor. This is not even remotely true. Inspecting the source of Visual Studio Code reveals that it uses Electron and Atom Shell Archive, but nothing else is from the Atom editor."
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    I can see how a rumour like that could spread, they are quite similar in some areas. And they do share technologies as well :]
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    @someDude The criteria for an IDE in my book are a text editor plus
    *the ability to trigger a compiler
    *plugins or other tools is a plus

    VsCode has em all. Not sure what more it would need to be called an IDE
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    @jiraTicket Not sure if plugins is a requirement, but maybe that goes to show that it in fact has more functionality over some IDEs :P
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    @coolq True, not a requirement at all really, we could take any ide and remove the plugin support and it would still be an ide.
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    @jiraTicket i d say taking time to load up is an essential part of an IDE
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    @someDude lol yeah. I used to view vs code as not a real ide because it seemed to fast and light weight compared to vs. but now that I'm in dotnetcore and doing the same thing with vscode as I used to do in vs I changed my mind :)
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    VS Code is awesome its my new go to editor. Even with 32 plugins it still loads faster than any of my larger IDE (Webstorm, VS 2017 Enterprise, Eclipse) and I love that I can set git's bash terminal as default. So handy.
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    @Vip3rDev simply correct but some features of websites/pycharm are too nice. And I am too afraid to walk away from them
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