The algo strikes again

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    If you are a professor teaching java, im safe to say that you know jackshit about java
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    What is it with all this hate for Java? Java is great for servers and applications that do not require the shiniest GUI.

    Java **used** to be slow, but it is no longer that. Java runs pretty fast actually, and unless you're running a bitmining operation, I don't think you'll notice the difference in speed.
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    Because people want to be right and want to believe that what they do and chose and prefer is right, up to the point where people prefer stuff they judt happen to learn first over stuff they've never is "cuz mine's best and yours sucks!".
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    @ribchinski take a look at javafx tho
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    There is no issue with Java in itself. The issue is with Java developers (I'm one) that insist on abstracting to the fucking eyeballs and making everything ridiculously complex just to make it look pretty.

    The same is true for all languages - it's the developers that are the issue - apart from PHP because PHP is a pile of shit
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    abstraction is love
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