Our HUGE database RAC failed Monday, postponing career defining exams for husband... Have been paranoid they'd go down again all week...


And, it only took 15 minutes for me to figure out the fix; just wish my teammate had done so in the 5 hours he was on the call...

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    @wokeRoach I loved it while I was there for a summer in high school, so I'm hoping I can find a few years there bearable 😂
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    I am confused how all of these things relate.

    But yay!!!?!
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    @Root Doesnt matter. Shes a bundle of joy, which is nice.
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    @wokeRoach *WAS a lovely country, about 5 years ago
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    @Root what's confusing about needing to learn arabit when you're moving to germany? sad, yes. confusing? no.
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    @wokeRoach Nothing. He thinks that the 1% immigrants changed something. He is wrong.
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    @Midnigh-shcode @Root he's a translator with a job lined up for germany
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    @wokeRoach where do you live?
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    @wokeRoach 😂 you can also delete the comments you've posted it in.

    I asked because I'm in California and get the same thing, even though it's SUPER common out here..
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    @wokeRoach most is, but I'm not too far from the snobby rich retired folks... There are also a fair number of people who dgaf as long as the person isn't a douche
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    @wokeRoach @vortexman100
    not interested in arguing with blind people about what's obvious.

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    @wokeRoach ah. i see. i have the wrong opinion and those who have opinions different to yours are the bad guys :)
    i wish you a beatutiful life. i wish you and me and everyone that you were right about the situation.
    but i'm afraid, and sad, that it looks like you are not.

    i do not enjoy hating, despising, and/or fearing anybody. i really don't, it makes me feel icky about myself. but even in today's world, sometimes it's the right response to have.

    where are you from? i'm from europe, i'm living right next to all of that stuff, you know? i don't care about the politics, i care about the physical space i live in, and i react not out of politics, but out of seeing what's happening with that physical space which i live in.
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    @wokeRoach not all CULTURES, WORLDVIEWS, are equal, as you yourself prove in your reaction to me. not races, those are irrelevant. CULTURES/WORLDVIEWS. sets of beliefs and convictions about what is right and wrong, good and bad.
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