I've just added the possibility to connect to an external game server to my app and immediately regret it. People started sending me emails saying that it doesn't work. What they entered in the URL bar? "hi", "cunt" and a porn website...

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    What app is this?
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    I'd make an auto response to those mails with, "it doesn't support stupid, so it's infact working as intended."
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    App looks great, reviews are pretty harsh, so good luck patching for the hundreds of different devices xd

    But thanks for sharing! I'll try it out later :D
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    Lmao one of the reviews on your app, "App does not work. Please fix and I will change my review." You can tell that they were trying to sound somewhat intelligent, yet they didn't tell you what was wrong? This is why the Google play reviews are useless.
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    Yeah, sorry guys. I'll admit that the external server thing was a request from me from like a month ago. I don't need it anymore - and, @gianlu - if you can't get it to work, just remove it. People are gonna talk shit and bitch and troll. I'd remove that and focus on this registration issue that people won't stfu about...
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    Also, if you're wondering WHY I don't need it anymore, it's because @gianlu managed to one up himself - this was a test session my friend Tanner and I tested at my apartment last night...admittedly while I had done work on it in the beginning, I haven't had time to work on it.

    Oh, and I have exams coming up already...I hate my life
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    @mgagemorgan I should definitely fix that hand bar padding
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    @Gianlu It works REALLY good on mobile...and you used Noty.js, which happens to be one of CS Prof. Max Fowler's favorite JS libraries...
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