Me: my computer is dead, are you using the iMac?

Sister: your computer is dead because of the coding! Even my friend agrees that coding causes viruses

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    "even my friend"
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    Coding cause antivirus as well
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    Look for a wall & bash your head in. 👍😐
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    Ask your sister to keep a distance from your computer..... Probably she will erase all your coding.
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    My parents refer to this as "mucking about"
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    even worse: neighborhood's repairman scammed my friend once by saying "your cables have virus we need to change them all"

    poor guy bought power cable, ethernet, vga and all those other stuff

    it was one of my biggest facepalms when i heard it
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    Strictly speaking she's correct. In the sense that sex is what causes people, and therefore leads to wars, genocide, and people like her.
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    Hmmm, she wasn't wrong...
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    @1nfiniteLoop You might wanna investigate this on your site. Android 6.0.1 HTC One M8, Cyanogenmod, Chrome.
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    @1nfiniteLoop yeah, in case it wasn't clear.
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    @matsaki95 you're having a virus? Viruses!
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    Code causes viruses just like guns kill people!

    Your sister probably wants to ban both. 😞😧
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    @drRoss oooh thanks!
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    In this context, it's like saying "even my friend agrees, building a bridge causes a bridge somewhere else to fall down."

    lol conservation of code has not failed apparently (there is a fixed amount of code in the world)
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    @jAsE missed it by one space. But nice try.
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    This is when a good old fashioned "you were adopted" comes into play
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    @SL0TH done!

    netikras@netikras-xps:~$ echo | head | wall | bash
    wall: cannot get tty name: Inappropriate ioctl for device
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