Random : I am looking for some weight loss tips. I am about 20 pounds overweight. Anyone who overcame a similar challenge?

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    I dropped quite a bit simply by walking part of the way to / from work each day and taking the stairs instead of the elevator.
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    Hmmmm what about not eating too much and eat vegetables and dont dtink some sugar stuff ?
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    Eat less.

    You might find it helpful to calorie count.

    Extra exersize can help.

    Extra muscle = more calories burned.
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    Run 🏃‍♀️ everytime Windows updates and npm installs.
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    Stop caring, worked for me.
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    Get a bike. Use the bike.

    My Balkan rocks....
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    1. Take the stairs, ALWAYS if you are going up to 4 levels in the building
    2. Walk as much as possible, I always walk back from work, and have another one hour walk, walk a bit fast not like a lazy guy
    3. Drink less/ avoid Pepsi, Cola ...etc all those sugar things for a month (yes they will have
    4. Eat lots of salad especially lettuce
    5. DONT EVEN THINK OF HAVING dinner after 8PM, if you get hungry, eat something like a banana, apple, salad but no bread, no meat, no junk food
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    I lost 30 kgs couple years ago. Now maintaining my current weight of 80kg.

    Diet is key. No diet no weight loss. Or well not as efficient.

    Workout at least 3 times a wekk but eat healthy every day.

    That's it. Literally physics,

    weight = calories.out() > calories.in() ? weight-- : weight++
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    @wokeRoach thanks! Long time lurker, decided to join in finally :)
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