Storing ToS in Database.
So, all my life I've built custom software for businesses that do no intent to be used by public.
Now I am developing an online store and the user has to agree to ToS before signing up. I was wondering, if the users agrees to ToS should I store it in database that he accepted? If yes, will it be just a boolean or a text.
P.S. Living in U.S.A.

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    Just make it a required checkbox.
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    GDPR in Europe makes me think the same way. I solved it by saving the accepted version number of that Policy/ToS and also mailing it to them. Because, why not? (:
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    Always best to store it. That way, they can’t come back later and be like “Well I didn’t see anything about ToS. Prove that I did!”
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    Store a timestamp of their acceptance. Best.
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    No need to store it; if it's required to accept in order to sign up, their membership should be plenty proof of acceptance!
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    @Flygger they can argue you only added it in after they signed up and neither of you can prove it really. Unless you show that it was in the code base before then and have definitive date/time stamps on those logs.

    I’m just thinking what I would do in a situation like that. 💁‍♀️
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    @scytheri0n true, but it shouldn't be too hard to prove — otherwise send the acceptance flag asking in the request, and your log will clearly show it and you don't need to store it ;)
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