Every time i touch javascript

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    To cite stack overflow: Have you tried jquery? 😁
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    The problem of JavaScript imo is that it can easily and rapidly become a bloated messy pile of characters, and the only way to avoid that is to follow ES6 conventions and actually write quality code which is a plus for me. I actually enjoy node with async/await.
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    @JKyll I think the main problem was that modularity was added to the language very late in its evolution. If you go for decades without standardized ways to organize your code, you will get a reputation for being jumbled.
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    @ArtNo the only jQuery I'll ever need is

    function $(q){
    return document.querySelector(q);

    it's such a great framework that I think I'll put it in my github and share with the community under the name of jQ (because jQuery is too long)
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    actually, I may even fork jQuery hahahaha
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    @vhoyer Well,
    const $ = s => document.querySelector(s);
    is shorter :P

    And there's https://gist.github.com/12fb951a8b8... already :D
    ( though my $ functions usually have a small check to see if they should return querySelector or querySelectorAll )
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    *laughing in Zepto.JS*
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    I suggest you give a shot at php and let me know if javascript is that bad
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    @21stCenturyJoku that's great, I'll start using it! hsushshshs he the .on is a great addition, gonna add a "contributing" section to my repo lol
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    you, sir, are a clever one @21stCenturyJoku
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         $foo = 1;
         print(($foo == 1) ? "uno" : ($foo === 2) ? "dos" : "tres");

    Guess what this prints... Hint: its not "uno"
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