Lesson learned: never fuck up with the python version that comes with a distro. I spent the whole day re-installing Linux Mint on a new partition and transferring home folder to the new partition. 😣😣😣

I'm an idiot 😥

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    Tip: mount a separate partition as home
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    @rookiemaverick now I will. Do you know of this will allow me to keep data without having to reload from back up even if I change the distro in the future?
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    Yes, it will keep ur data intact . Intact it will also preserve the custom settings for softwares and tools.
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    Probably don't want to enable home folder encryption though, or am I wrong in saying that?
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    Tip when compiling python from source:
    # make altinstall
    It installs as python3.6 and doesn't mess up the default python3 installed ;)
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