I wish gamedevs put more focus on the cheating problem in multiplayer games.

When you have to manually ban people in your esports minor qualifier there is something wrong...

I need to find a better game :(

Or start a cheat program company for the easy money but I doubt it's legal.

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    Or... You could create a company that *prevents* cheating? That way, it is completely legal and ethical, and you're game devs stop cheating.
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    @coolq yeah but how? Game is closed source and there exist platforms with better anticheat, but you have to pay for that monthly which don't support the gamemode I enjoy the most (which is wingman).
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    I just got accused of using an aimbot by an enemy ๐Ÿ˜‚. I even missed a few.
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    @marthulu well yeah idc of people have aimbot or wallhack since I never can be sure if they have it, but if they spinbot or speedhack it's just waiting 10min for the next game.
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    There are many ways of preventing cheating, but it isn't easy, ofc.

    In multiplayer games, usually it's the server that regulates the players movement, reload and so on.
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    @Jop- "illegal", in what country? ๐Ÿ˜€
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    @mzeffect Well in China you go to jail I believe.
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