Me if i was a game dev

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    Of course they're named 'Chad'.
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    Just imagine him being a little spoilt fat kid bragging to people who have not been able to escape the vicinity that he still holds the high score, then one points out he does not. Stuffs the donut in his mouth almost choking to death reminiscent of that time with his daddy and the hide the pole game upsetting him even more as he types his push message to the obvious cheaters of this world.
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    I would promote that guy
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    This game is not available in the App Store anymore, at least in the US. If this is because of Chad... ouch.
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    @penderis ... Damn son
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    @GhostFish yip. That is what his dad said.
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    I commend Chad. And secondly, Chad is probably also the guy who sent the notification apologizing for Chad.
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    Glad to see fellow Chad fans here
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    Blame Chad
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    If the notification from brad gave some context, saying that you belated the developer's high score and that he is mad at you, I would think it's a great idea xD. I'll implement this if I ever make a game
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