In my programming lab, lecturer just scolded me for using stack overflow calling it useless and saying it has all the wrong information. Class I was so excited about just turned out to be the annoying one.

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    Well he was probably just trying to steer his students away from relying on this site to solve all their problems. But yeah that's pretty dumb to say it has wrong information.
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    In my first semester we were making a simple function that took input from the user, meaning it would crash if you didn't validate or parse anything as it expected integers.

    I wanted to make it a little more robust and after a bit of googling I discovered parsing and try/catch, but was reprimanded for "taking from the internet".

    In a different class a later semester we had to implement launch arguments but I couldn't find anything about it in the book we were using. I asked the professor about it and he seemed aghast that I apparently didn't know you can just google these things.

    I definitely felt like that area of education is going through some growing pains. Especially when the exams were pen and paper quizes on stuff that is trivial to look up.
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    > relying on this site to solve all
    > their problems.

    What, there is a site that can solve 100% of my problems !

    I usually find only 50% of my questions have answers anywhere..

    The other 50% I end up answering myself, even if it takes me 10 years !

    I guess they had this issue when books came out..

    "Stop looking things up in a book!"
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    Ask Stack Overflow what the answer for stupid instructors is. ;)
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    To be fair, for the sorts of questions you'll get in a classroom, there are WAY better resources out there than SO
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    @Christine I was reading about return type of sizeof function. As I was programming and had to use string formatting unlike cpp where cout is sufficient
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    @ay2306 Language documentation is the place to go, then, not SO
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