I’m in Cardiff watching Wales Play Scotland in the Six Nations. It’s half time and I’m in a huge queue for the toilet, how long does it take to whip your chap out, have a piss, and put the little fella away again?

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    Depends on the amount of drinks. It takes a while to loose a few liters.
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    it depebnds on your bladder and how much you drunk, so from 15 seconds(not.much drunk) to 3minutes(full big bladder) to infinity(extremly shy bladder)
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    @oo92 no, rugby.
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    @g-m-f so do I, but I don’t hang around in there, get in get out job done.

    I think some people just like to savour the ambiance
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    i think sports matches are stupid 🍿
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    @marthulu i honestly can’t think of anything to counter that.

    They’re noisey, expensive, a pain to get to and from, the foods crap, the beer is warm and over priced, and depending on the sport you’re surrounded by morons.

    But, it keeps me off the streets and off drugs.
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    I started having to pee after the first half of the new Star Wars movie in cinema.

    Didn't go.

    It was worth it but it's a pain in the a... I mean, ... you know.
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