This was not a client but my CEO himself. The website of the company was supposed to be made responsive. So, during the design phase I was explaining how how events should not be used to display ideal information as hover don't exist in touch devices. To this, he says, "Why don't you create something so that when the user has his hand over the phone(like an inch above, but not touched), it treats it like a hover".
The worst part is I still don't know if he was kidding or not!

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    CEO: "When I told him to replicate hover on touch devices, he just stared at me. I actually told him to detect when the user's finger was an inch above the screen. I kept a straight face the whole time! I'm pretty sure he's shitting his pants right now."
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    Didn't Samsung have some kind of hover support in their phones already a year or so back? I remember trying that feature in a store. Not sure if they do it capacitively or using a camera tho.
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    @shittywebdev I would certainly have known if he joked it at that time. Plus, it wasn't as if I nervously started thinking of actually doing it. You say NO to such shit. That's all.
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    @siljamicke sure it can be supported in some devices, but how do you do it for other devices. You don't. That's why design guidelines need to be followed.
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    @Sauruz I guess an only software based solution can be a long press(not force) by counting the number of ms from touchstart event. But, that was not we were looking for!
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    @SuperNOVA, but for the phones that doesn't support hover why don't you just create something so that the user can hold his finger like an inch above......
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    3D Touch is a joke when it comes to usability. There are no visual cues, it's basically trial and error when you're inside an app
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    @Sauruz But that's the point. You got used to it and now you know what your favorite apps to with it. How would a user know what a custom element does with it.
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