That was weird.

I was typing a question on DuckDuckGo and it redirected me to a similar question on Stack Overflow.

It didn't show any search results, it literally just took me to a solution on Stack Overflow.

That was interesting, but it never did that before so it caught me off guard.

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    Hmmm must try maybe duckduckgo devs know how other devs feel.
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    Maybe there is a I'm feeling lucky shortcut, you accidentaly pressed.
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    @romangraef Well, ddg has a lot of amazing shortcuts but I don't think you can easily use them unintentionally.
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    It does it for other random things, too. It took some getting used to, but I enjoy it.
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    The weirdest thing ever happend to me when talking about dns resolve was when I've entered facebook.com and it took me to stackoverflow.com. still no idea how that happened, but it was persistent for about 30min.
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    If you use ! in your search query, then duckduckgo will directly send you to the first result.
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    There's a hidden "I'm Feeling Ducky" button...
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    Only drugdealers use DuckDuckGo
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    What'd you search, if you remember?
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    I don't remember, but it had something to do with C++
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