Yesterday I installed windows on the laptop of my parents. I thought no biggie I'm just going to do something else while it installs. AND THEN IT STARTS TALKING. WTF!!!

Also it said I can turn the voice of BUT THE FUCKING BUTTON DIDN'T WORK.

I hate windows.

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    As revenge you deleted cortana from the system i hope.
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    I use it quite a lot during installation. Im sitting behind another pc shouting commands to my laptop so I dont have to stand up from programming or playing a game.
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    Why didn't you go for the custom installation? You could have disabled cortana right away
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    @endor cortana is in the installation :p
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    @Codex404 yeah but if you do a custom install, rather than going for the automatic one, you can explicitly disable it right away (since that's what OP wanted)
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    I've never had this happen when upgrading many systems to Windows 10.
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    Holy shit this. At work whenever we image a laptop it does the stupid cortana talking. Because it takes about 2 hours to image (hooray for education software), I completely forget about it. Then I just hear random quotes from laptops behind me. It is kinda freaky.
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    Reverting to windows 7 might help
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