Just moved, new room, let's try to setup port forwarding!

Well, i thought that too. Just spent hours trying to get this motherfucker to work. Tutorials, everything.

Every time that damn can't connect error. About to lose my shit.

Suddenly *hold on, is Apache installed on my new KDE Neon installation?!*

*oops* 😅

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    I always go with ssh first :)
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    whaaaaaaat XD
    Excitement took over you bro, reminded me of why a docker container was behaving in a weird way and returning JSON instead of HTML when I call it, I later found out I used the wrong docker file when I built my container XD
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    Can't be as bad as when you don't know what Microsoft service is taking over port 80, and it isn't IIS or SQL server related, or when PID 4 simply says "System".

    And then I rage quit by accident by typing 'net stop http' and one of those services ends up being the culprit.

    Oh Windows 😂
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    @Superviral Actually happens more often than you'd think. Not sure why PID4 needs to hog that port at random...
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