Lately on my Linux desktop I've been playing a lot of games that deviate pretty sharply from my customary selections: lotro, superhot, terraria, stardew valley, and civ 4.

Celeste, Hollow Knight, Mr Shifty, Owlboy, West of Loathing, the Long Dark

With wine:
Dead Cells, Max Payne 2(for nostalgia), Doom(2016), Kingsway, The Sexy Brutale

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    Of all these, I think Dead Cells is probably my favorite. It's technically in early access, for Windows only, but a Linux port is promised in 2018. But until that happens, the game runs flawlessly in wine. I very highly recommend it.
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    I have like 1500 hours in that 😶
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    Dow3 insurgency and hoi4 are good native titles to lool at imo
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    Any fan of small indies like pony island or the binding of isaac? I actually like idea-driven games much more than usual AAAs.
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    I played Hollow Knight and I recomment it, this is one of the best games I ever played !
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    Everything I mentioned is an indie, except Max Payne 2 and Doom. I recommend them all.
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    Hollow Knight’s amazing
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    Yeah, that's my current favorite. I can't put it down.
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