Gf: "Why are you such a typist"

Me: "I promise not to buy more keyboards with blue switches..."

Gf: "No, I mean like being racist or sexist, but you discriminate types"

Me: "Uhhh"

Gf: "You are always bitching about how awful date/time types are, with timezones, leap seconds and daylight savings"

Me: Face turns pale, thousand yard stare, vietnam-flashback to when I was writing a calendar scheduling/meeting/matching tool which used 3 databases, with timestamps in different formats, and web frontends for people in offices around the world.

Me, with a soft broken voice: "So?"

Gf: "You've been working on that palette tool this week, and you keep talking about how interesting all these colorspaces, white balances and conversion formulas are"

Me: 🤔

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    Yeah, date/time is still nightmare...
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    Yes, I'm typist too
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    Well the whole notion of time is a weird and stupid thing made for farmers in a time when there was no electricity. If only there was some way to adjust the speed earth spins so we can have a few extra hours each day..
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    @spacem Or harvest all the planets for materials, build a dyson sphere around the sun, have continuous light, and use a microsecond timestamp with the start of the universe as epoch.

    Then all we have to worry about are relativistic time dilation effects around black holes.
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    Try working with Google Apps Script.
    They use a bugged version of old ECMAScript and don't support 60% of all Date object methods.

    The hacks you need to to are unreal!

    I will never show anyone the shit I had to write in order to make one of the apps work.
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