On my way to my first c++ course!

Really hyped to see what they make us build!

(as long as it isn't a fucking calculator)

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    Lesson 1-100, building a simple hello world dialogue
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    @lxmcf for the love of all that is mighty, I hope they don't do that... If they do ill make my own course...
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    @FMashiro it's what they do for almost all the c# courses I've taken, one had you build a guess the number 'game' using the unity debug console over 20 lessons -,-
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    @lxmcf Jesus... And I thought my python course at the start of the year was bad...
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    @lxmcf okay weird, that was my first c# game too
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    @lxmcf @Jifuna I bet that one is the Number wizard, where a super boring looking man does the course and a bear looking man sits next to him just saying, Right correct!

    Is it Udemy?
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    No, it was a school course
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    @CozyPlanes yeah Udemy but also a brief class I did in high school
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    Any course starts with hello word and ends to calculator..
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    Almost all mobile app and web frontend courses end up with todo list
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    Let us know if you have to make a 'fucking calculator'!
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    Keep in mind that not everyone attending cares as much as you, so they have to make everything progress slower. Also, has to be dull or the fun police will be called in and start firing indiscriminately. That is the nature of university programming courses, at least.
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    I worked with php in the beginning. A class stated me down python while I was personally trying to transition to node.

    Now, the college I will be attending full time (shortly) will begin with mostly c++

    While I do not appreciate schools through me around languages, as this way I cannot master a single language well, I am however interest c++ since it is so fundamental

    Php in written in it, python and node can be extended with it. Android apps can be written in c++ (I think?)

    Anyway, c++ will be a good learning experience. I hope this college does not fuck up miserably though
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