@lazyDev reminded me of the time my bid for a project was rejected because I'm a white man. Never mind the fact that I have built my career around data management, visualisation and modelling and the only other competing bid was from someone who had experience in mobile development and little else. I checked up on the company and the project just now, and they've posted the project up again. I've made a bid just like I did before, only this time I've tripled my price. Let's see if they change their minds.

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    this really sucks.. but I like it when you tripled the price haha ! good luck..

    People need to be more professional some times, if I am the best fit of what you're asking, why the hell do you mind if I am white/black or even green !
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    I hate it when politics and pretentiousness make their way into the workplace. I've had a customer outright tell me to stop "mansplaining", at which point I refused to work with them any longer. Neither does it help that I'm autistic, and I have no idea when people are taking the mick. Its hard enough trying to bridge the gap between dev and consumer without being accused of looking down on them.

    Anyway, this company seems to be desperate, the PM sent me an email yesterday afternoon asking a few questions, and seemingly hasn't a clue who I am. Skype call today, I can't wait to see their faces.
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