Falcon Heavy launch coming up!
I can't wait. That's something people should watch, fuck the superbowl!
I would say it's 60% as significant as the moon landing was, if not more; a field of technology we should really focus on, but governments rather spend money on stupid war
Make sure to tune in tomorrow, 18:30 / 06:30pm UTC, on SpaceX's YouTube channel
It's going to be spectacular, success or failure

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    I'm with you. It will be a success. I'll be glued to my screen watching history and future unfold all at once...
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    @intromatt even if they should do an URD, they tried and they will do again. Until it fits
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    @Kimmax Thanks for the reminder!
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    And the Roadster is going in it :)
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    It's hard to express how hyped I am for this!
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    Man Ima be biking back at the speed of light from uni tomorrow to catch that. I can't wait!
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    @namenlossss I agree, it's nothing if you include the political and social aspects into the equation
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