Fuck these people. They have PhDs in everything but don't know how to walk properly.
"Oh let me get right in front of you while you walk faster", have you ever driven a car you porg shit?
And these people that wear backpacks! OH MY GOD I HATE BACKPACKS! I mean, if you wear one please tell me you've been wearing them since you were born. Otherwise you're not calculating the extra space you take AND YOU JUST WALK LIKE A FUCKING GORILLA.
I have come to the point of inventing the walking permit. You're born with it, and starting at 18 y/o it can be stripped away. LEARN TO WALK.

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    I love my backpack, i even sewed some band patches on it. I will gradly take that extra space to compensate for my tiny-ness. I'll rub those patches in your face real nice.
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    @hube That's very like my style of movement in the city- walking fast, jumping, sprinting and of course, dodging. I make any distance of walking a huge exercise for myself and way more so for anyone following. I'm tiny, yet on multiple occasions I have scared people... It annoys me both as a pedestrian and a driver that people walk and drive so slowly.

    Taking way too long to decide where to go is the main problem here.
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