Several years ago I joined the company I currently work for, as a software support person, with the intention of eventually moving toward the development team.

After a few years doing that, I gradually realised that working in the development team for our products didn't seem that appealing after all, so I went for a more technical support role (essentially debugging all the really complicated problems and reporting the bugs to the devs) which I find fascinating - trying to solve these puzzles is an interesting challenge. It can take days, sometimes weeks to get to the bottom of something really inexplicably weird.

As part of this I get to do some internal dev work on the teams projects (nothing that gets used directly by external users though) and have learned loads of things from my boss over the years (even before I joined this team).

It has its frustrating moments of course but I am definitely glad I didn't follow my original intentions of just being a developer on our main products.

Sometimes what you think you want isn't actually what's ideal for you :)

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    @nightowl, glad it worked out for you! But what made you want to be a dev at your company initially?
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    I just always enjoyed writing computer programs and thought that's what I wanted to do. But that was from a "its fun to tinker with code" perspective. Reading some of the development specs I realised it probably wasn't going to be as interesting as I'd hoped.

    I still get to do some dev work, but it's not so "formal". Boss asks for something to be done, we discuss it and make changes to it if needed. Don't know if "agile" is the right way to describe it but anyway I enjoy it.
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