That moment you ordered a "starter set" for arduino just for the cables, servo and sensors, buy an arduino uno because it wasn't listed in the set description and now you have two...

Never thought it would be so cheap (25€ for the set apparently including a arduino uno)

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    Well the uno is a cheap clone, so thats why the overall package is cheaper.
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    @JoshBent it says on both "manufactured in Italy by arduino.org" so how can that be a knockoff? And either way, as long as it works I'm fine with knockoffs :p
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    @FMashiro all knockoffs are supported for some years by the Arduino IDE, so yeah, theres not much difference 😄
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    Mostly there is no way to tell the "Knockoffs" apart in Software.
    How can it be Knockoffs, if it is open source Hardware and everyone is allowed to produce them?
    Some of them are (in my experience) even better.
    For example the original Aduino Nano and Pro Mini have terrible clock crystals. I'm using some from Aliexpress (Branded RobotDyn) which cost me about 2$/piece. The "original" costs about 22$ and is constantly sold out.
    In general you can put yourself together these "starter sets" on eBay, Banggood or Aliexpress and get the parts a lot cheaper. Usually this is, what the sellers on amazon are doing.
    Quality of the cables included in most sets sold on amazon is terrible anyway. The only brand I had quite a good experience on Amazon with was Sunfounder - which again is a brand, available in all china shops while reselling to europe and america over amazon with increased price.
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    @Anaeijon PS: I remeber that the Sunfounder Mega from Amazon broke quickly. So I don't want to recommend it in general.
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    @JoshBent the UNO is an official Arduino board of which cheap clones exist. All UNOs aren't cheap clones.
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    @Anaeijon I don't know if this still holds true, but you used to be able to spot clones from real ones by looking at the hardware.
    Mainly the silks and the 501k next to the voltage regulator (the genuine ones have a golden-black 501K).
    Ofc this does require you to have the damn thing already
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    @fdgram I don't see where I implied that?
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    @fdgram now I see - the "uno" from the kit is.
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