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    What? Is that even a thing? Well, guess I'll take something off my resume then.
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    @whatevel no it is not a thing, it is just when candidate request a salary that they are not willing to pay because they want to save money when it is all about max 2000$ a year difference between what the candidate asks for and what they are willing to offer.
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    Translation: "Will ask for salary higher than minimum wage"
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    This can make sense. Every department in a company normally tries to not exceed a certain budget (costs). This also includes human resources.
    Let's assume a small company searches for a junior dev to learn and grow. They will be able to pay him according to his knowledge.
    But if you're a senior they will not want to hire you even for the same pay. Reason is that you will eventually want either more money or you are bored in your position.
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    It has nothing to do with budgets. Companies will deny overqualified people from jobs even if they accept the low salary. They are afraid you will quit their shit job as soon as you find anything better.

    Or even worse: you start being intelligent and propose all kind of improvements.
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    @whatevel yes, it's a thing, for 2 potential reasons:
    1. The laws in the country might mandate that no person with a higher qualification in a department will be paid lower than one with a lower qualification. They might not have the budget. Even without the law, that could mean that you're asking too much.
    2. People get bored. An overqualified person will be bad at doing stupid shit that needs to be done.
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    Got this even though I knew I was applying for a job that would be monotone and not exciting.
    I guess they were afraid I'd ditch them in a year for sth better which required more brain cells + they'd have to pay me more because of the laws here. That ofc doesn't apply to non government jobs I think..
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