I am standing in line for the bathroom at work. Why did we need more girls in IT again?

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    Maybe I'm saying something silly: why do we need segregated bathrooms?

    I really don't care about the genitals of the pooping person in the stall next to me, and I hope that what people do near the sinks is not so explicit that it warrants segregation.

    If it's about (perceived) differences in hygiene... fuck any person who doesn't leave the toilet sparkling shiny fresh, male or female.

    I don't want to steal it away from women who are really attached to their own peeplace... But I think no one cares if you use the other one in case of traffic jams.
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    @bittersweet super duper totally agreed ++
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    @bittersweet I don't wanna give up my private bathroom 😭
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    @bittersweet Of course. But that is just not going to happen any time soon in the slightly old-fashioned company I work for.
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    @wilhelmina I think I've worked too long for startups.

    Here everyone is like "Toilet? You know how wasteful that is? I have a carbon filter in my Tesla so I can recycle the urine through a filter back into my spinach protein smoothie!"

    "I don't like spinach smoothies"

    "Well you could save it in a cup and bring it to the aquaponics garden on the rooftop"

    Girls are more than welcome in tech, but I do want to kick all the hipsters out.
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    @bittersweet We should kick all hipsters out of the country.
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    @bittersweet spinach peestain smoothie? Yuckity yuck.
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