Last week, a company(start-up) came for campus recruitment.

This company was known for its long working hours, giving unrealistic deadlines to the employees, less recreational activities, etc.

Even though the pay was very good, some of them were there just to experience the interview process. All those waiting for the HR round, were half-hearted into the process.

This particular guy(a friend of mine) was so determined to be rejected from the company, that he intentionally screwed up his interview (final round).

Towards the end of the interview, the HR asked him to draw a map/path from his hostel to the building in which the interview was being taken.

Once my friend finished making the figure, the interviewer said “Take this same path, and get back to your hostel”.


Even though he was successful in getting rejected, the way he got rejected really crushed his ego.

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    Sounds like the interviewer realised your friend was failing on purpose.
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    Did he draw a penis?
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    I have read this same story so many times on multiple platforms. Either that guy has a hellotta friends or you copied it and modified it.
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