Went blank when interviewer asked me do I know KITT. I knew that he didn't mean Knight Rider, but I could not think of anything sensible in the few seconds I had time to answer the question so I answered NO. Interviewer said that it is a basic requirement for the job and it seemed that I lacked the basic skill needed for the job.

Needless to say I didn't get the job. Later that day as I was telling my friends about the interview they seemed really confused....

"... but you know GIT very well. You use it on a daily basis. Why did you answer NO ?"

Damn, blew my interview on pronounciation issue :/

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    That's a really good one!
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    If you're not going to clear up misunderstandings, no matter how silly, pehaps you were truly unprepared.
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    Should have asked what is that.. I am horrible with proper terminology for concepts & technology and I always ask what they mean, to explain to me.. it turned out I know more stuff that I think, just not by proper names..
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    @gorsamp real advice right here
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    I'd have certainly asked them to elaborate on the question and then explained when they said something like "git? version control?"
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    @Braed Git didn't even cross my mind. I was preoccupied with possible meanings of KITT. Anxious, interview pressure etc. In my mind it was clear as day that they were asking about KITT.

    Oh, well. Couple of months later I did end up in the same project with my interviewers via recommendation as a main integrator and baseport developer. Oh boy their face was worth seeing on the first morning.

    "Wait ?! Wasn't that the guy who didn't know git... main integrator !!!"
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    @rytivei hahaha! What is the role of a main integrator if you have a few moments to explain..?
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    @Braed Integrating the major 3rd party components with our own codebase. Validation of our own codebase interfaces that they are playing nicely with other internal/external sw components. Pretty much the birds eye view over the whole codebase functionally and somewhat quality wise.
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    @wokeRoach No.
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