The next person who calls the server disruption/emergency line for something that is NOT related to a server wide issue/outage is going to get a rusty pipe with fucking sambal up their fucking ass.

I am so fucking done with this bullshit.

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    I can't login in to wordpress on my new iPhone.
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    My printer isn't working!
    (I've lowered switch port speeds too as low as 100kbs for shit like that)
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    "Emergency support. Can I get your company and a summary of which servers are down?"

    > Hi, this is Beth from a+b=c IT support. Yeah, our printers aren't working?

    "Hello Beth. This isn't printer tech support; please call Epson. As a courtesy for calling this number, your production servers are now down for five minutes. Have a nice day!" click.
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    @root Hi beth, please call 911 this could be a fatal emergency 😊
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    @Root I just realized it must suck tremendously to work at Epson's tech support
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    @Gnu-Not-Unix Absolutely 😅 Haha

    Though with how much trouble I've had with Epson printers in recent months, they're now the butt of all of my printer jokes and trades. lol

    HP is absolutely worse, but ergh Epson can be annoying!
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    My cup holder on my computer won't come out. Halp!
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    My Windows 10 is still updating for the third day.
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    @datawraith Hahaha good one!
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