Can anyone show me a good place to learn how to use vim?

Been googling and found nothing that's actually understandable

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    Very playful, so it takes some time to get to a specific topic. So it's more something if you have time to learn vim ...
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    vim master app. Its a quiz for vim commands
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    @KnutKnutsen @simulate awesome!
    Thanks guys! :-D
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    Just go through the built-in tutorial... for real.

    The command is :Tutor

    it's also mentioned under :help
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    @R5on11c came here to recommend that myself. You can also run it from a terminal with 'vimtutor' I believe.
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    @R5on11c sweet, cheers!

    Never touched vim before but thought I'd learn something so I'm a tad of a noob
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    Nice. Thanks for the hints guys
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    Search for sebastian daschner on youtube, he has a video on vim and some other interesting stuff too.
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    @jAsE thanks for correction
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    @lxmcf You'll learn vim by using it. There is no real faster or easier way than growing into it. You'll have your own vim-world with plugins, settings and macros in no time. It takes some dedication tho.
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    $ vimtutor

    `vimtutor` should be on any unix machine having vim already installed.

    For anything else: https://vi.stackexchange.com
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    Furthermore, I recommend setting up a plugin manager. I personally like vundle. https://vimawesome.com is a good ressource, yet for a beginner I recommend a hardmore plugin that disables the arrow keys.

    Furthermore, disable key repeat on your keyboard as any "repeatedly pressing or just holding a key for a long time" approach is counter the reasoning of vi and just a habit to unlearn.

    The first thing you learn is navigating a text file through hjkl. The next thing you should learn is to not use hjkl at all.

    Last but not least: Embrace normal mode. Insert mode is the exception.
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    @d3vnu11 For "quit and save" I always use shift + z + z :)
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    Helped me alot 😉
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    It's already been mentioned, but I'll say it again because it's actually useful and you don't need the internet for it:

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    Destroy all software had some good screencasts on how to get started with VIM. https://destroyallsoftware.com/scre...

    This guy is vim god.
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    I always thought vim God came and blessed you and then you magically knew every vim command.
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    @Ceramics Can comfirm; saw it happen with a coworker.

    The sacrifice requirement was pretty steep, though...
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