Literally everone were advertising me LinkedIn as something awesome and life-changing.
So I've registered as well, filled it up with a lot of info. It's been about 6 months since then - still silence.
Such disappointment.

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    Haha. Same experience.
    When in need, they wont come.
    When not need they pops from everywhere.

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    Be sure to lie as humanly possible, ante the fuck out your skills and make up alot of them and then spam the hell out it in other places, that is the way to do this
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    You need to jerk on some suits first. If you do that enough times they will in return jerk on you and the circle jerk of LinkedIn can begin.
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    @legionfrontier I'd better delete my LinkedIn account, rather that having my resume look like this :D
    Ok, you write this "beautified true x99", sweet lies and fake impressions, but there definitely are people who are searching for this kind of profiles on purpose. And this is kinda scary :/
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    @arturnmk A good chunk of suits does search such people, its a fact, I opened one like forever ago and never properly updated the damn thing and less after Microsoft bought the company
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    Only use it as reference to cv in english 😂 #toLazyToMakeOne
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    @jAsE agreed
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    To be honest, I cannot say it works not it doesn't.

    I registered like years ago and only kept my profile nice and smooth, but I was studying, so my top priority wasn't to get a job.

    Fast forward some years, and when I was abroad doing some school-related activities, someone contacted me through LinkedIn.

    Fast forward some months and here I am, happily employed.

    So...I don't know, it's just a matter of luck?
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    @HackerExecute soo basically I need to add random people to my network and spam recruiters about myself? (I didn't meant to offend, saying spam)
    If that's the key to success then I'll have a try
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