I live in the south east of England, and last night it snowed. Maybe 2cm at most.

Why can’t these zip sniffing cock knockers drive?

A tiny bit of snow and people are crashing all over the fucking place.

I could understand it if we had a lot of unexpected snow, but 2cm? It’s fuck all.

It’s morons not driving to the conditions on the road. And people in “suvs” who think that because their car has 4 wheel drive that they can drive everywhere at 70mph.

It’s he same when it even looks like it might rain.

Pointless fuckers

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    Totally agree.
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    South east also, any snow that landed on the road just melted right away for me
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    @dawei most of it did here, even the thought of snow round near me makes people freak out
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    You'd think after years of living through snowy winters people would try to learn how to handle a car in poor weather, or at least learn that if they can't drive they should wait until conditions improve.

    I towed two cars back on to the road during the last storm here in Northeast US. Most drivers don't understand the fundamentals of winter driving or their vehicles, which is really unfortunate.
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    Fuck them all in their anus!
    Das da onleh wae mah bruddah
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    Winter tires. Makes a huge difference.
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    if(snow != null)
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    @zarathustra lauthing in Swiss (there's actually a bus driving you up to the top of that mountain. And they sure as hell aren't slow)
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    We had a good maybe salt sprinkle of snow today (SW Eng). End of the fucking world I tell you, bus shutsowns, college closed.... Dark times, well until it melted about an hour later
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