Steam have literally sent my username/password in an email. Couldn’t someone easily intercept that?

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    @SheShell oh god xD
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    good thing they blacked out the password with a sharpie
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    @somoso I hope so, but somehow I wouldn’t be surprised either way
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    That is not Steam-like at all. I would have thought they take security seriously. I would check the sender email.
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    @joas checked - noreply@steampowered.com
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    Better enable authorization via Steam mobile app.
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    This is what I get
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    @joas yeah, I got that one too. I think maybe the reason I also got the other one is because I recently forgot my password, so when I got it reset by customer support they reset it to loads of random letters and sent that one via email
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    @zacg Yeah, that's complitely different situation.
    You are then supposed to change the password anyways so it's not so bad it is in danger for a moment if you can successfully verify no-one has access to the account and the password is not saved in plain text after the whole account recovery process.

    You got me scared m8 🙃
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    Valve do many things wrong but nobody dares to challenge our lord and saviour of gaming, gaben.
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    @nblackburn except steam is full of shit and half life 3 isn't confirmed.
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    @mzeffect Depends how you look at it, the good games on there now look even better now the standard has been lowered. So much so in fact that they had to offset the center of the earth to accommodate it.
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    Report @steam (hoping that's a user) on http://plaintextoffenders.com

    Edit: nope, no @steam. @dfox, what would happen if @steam joins and already has mentions here?
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    @joas @zacg would you mind if I added you guys on Steam?? 😊
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    This seems like a really old valve email.
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    @c3ypt1c I don't mind but I play so rarely that accepting the request might take a while.
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    @joas I will probably add you in a couple of days when I get my laptop back
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    I'll secure it for you
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    I've never gotten an email like this in my entire time using steam..
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    Look at the Valve website.
    It looks like something from 6 years ago with flash and shit.

    Where are your developers Valve?

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    I just changed my password to see if it's true
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