First (procedural) c++ lectures:

Prof: K guys, go ahead and attempt the homework
Students: sir, how can we have 1 file per exercise?
P: oh, you can't, just make one huge file with multiple functions and rename them to "main" whenever you wanna run them


Ps: not allowed to use classes as that's too hard...

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    @Null-Device c--? C-omunism?
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    Do a meta script that allows you to quickly rename the function you want to "main" :D it could be a macro system also
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    Sounds like a class you should just test out of.
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    Oh hell yes!!! Similar case with me last year
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    You should just start contributing into one or more open source projects with the class and talk / learn by real world examples while helping others in the process.

    I'm really sick of all those boring stupid artifical exercises.

    Does my future boss or client give me a sheet with some hello world tasks? Yeah? I'm out! Seriously, of course not. This is not education but pretending to be.
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    In that kind of scenario I take all the bad attitude I have, code it right and hope he notices how much better it is. Even if he fails me, at least I know I did the right thing...
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    Just write a Main function that allows you to run any of the functions. Then you don't have to rename.
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    @Gobbas that's what I did... Still tho, what the fuck
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