Was it it with clients and wanting to restrict the height of webpages?

Client: Can you make it all fit on the screen?

Me: What this particular screen?

Client: Well all screens, some people might not realise there is more content.

Me: What if the screen is tiny?

Client: make it smaller

Me: What if you add more content to it?

Client: Hmm, your the developer.

Me: Teeny tiny text coming right up.

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    The trick is to make sure there is little bit of the next content box showing a the bottom of the screen
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    It's not that my friend, they actually want the entire content to be on show :o
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    Loooooooool, so stupid. That will look shitty ofc huh?
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    Yup. But the customer is always right, right? Lol
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    @kano unless when they're not..then you come here & rant about it! 😉
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    @sladuled Ha yea very true. I'm new here,but I'm liking that I have somewhere to vent :)
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    @kano yup. Just be careful your clients and/or coworkers don't find out 😉
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    Make half the screen a giant scroll-bar. They can't miss it 🤣
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    @chrisrhymes Cheers dude. It amazes me how often I have this conversation with clients
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    @chrisrhymes ha nice! Like who actually sits and flicks through a carousel?
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    You mean fit the entire page so you don't have to scroll down?
    Does the client really not know what the fuck a mouse wheel is?
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    “Don’t make your users scroll” hasn’t been solid advice since the days when Monica Lewinsky and Y2K were in the news.
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    UGH, yes I hate this!! I used to get this from a third-party designer. They were mindnumbingly stupid print designers who wanted everything to fit on one screen. And they also wanted full screen background images.

    The terrible end result was a side scroller squeezed into the bottom 20% of the viewport. This was for a restaurant website, so you'd have to click the "Next" arrow about twenty times to navigate to the dinner menu. Luckily the main menu had anchor links which largely saved this, but oh man it was ugly.
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    Nice. Don't need to do any media query. Your workload has been cut in like quarter.
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    @coderme Did the designers ever send those .psd's in CMYK? Happens too often
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    @Mummie I don't remember, it's been a couple years, but they did send them as .ai Illustrator files instead of psds. :/
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