Today something pretty bad happened (as always at school)
and I'm gonna rant about it to
1) get your expertly opinion on it
2) relieve from it

today I entered class to paretake in the writing of the much anticipated class test (kappa).

The teacher gives everybody a sheet with the exercises - let alone me.

I tell him to give me a sheet too.

"Put a book between you and xy"

so I do. I ask him again to give me the exam paper. No response.

Again, and he looks at me with a disrespectful look. I look back. And get thrown out of the room - not getting a chance to paretake in the writing of the test yet getting the worst grade one could possibly get in the modest german education system (=> 6)

Now I'm going to pursue any possible legal action against him (I dont care about him. After the lesson I wanted to talk with him; yet he declined my offer for reconsiliation, then he called my parents, even though he had time to think about what he did {any sane person would agree that what he did was wrong <yet my classmates dont agree>}. Also, he is that type of teacher who gives unusually unnessecary homework - which I personally see as punition, since I already know 97% of the stuff thought in [english] classes)

See why I am despising school so much?

It drains my last bit of energy until I am an empty shell with the sole goal to finish education asap in order to be able to fucking work.

BTW: I tried using my best english in this rant to demonstrate my abilities in order for you to be able to see that I honestly dont those "basic" english lessons.

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    that teacher is really mean.
    if that happened in our school and boss knew about that he would be in serious trouble.
    i suggest you go to boss also you would need a slassmates that can say that you asked for the test but you didnt get it.
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    @Haxk20 @elcore

    Yup, wils do. Thanks for the advice
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    Write a letter and have it delivered via recorded post. If you need to take legal action, you don't want it to be "my word vs. his". Find out what the formal complaint process is and follow it. Everything has to be in writing otherwise they'll wriggle out of it.
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    @ymas wow thatz just what i need sunce im bad at talking. Thanks :)
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    Talk to your principal. There's no way that teacher can just give you a 6 for not letting you participate. He at least has to have you take the test seperately from everyone else.
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    *punition → punishment
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    @filthyranter No, punition is [even though classified "rare"-term] fully employable by gay time travellers
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    @gnulinuxer4fun That's stupid but k I guess
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