Ok so guys, I really love back-end, but sometimes I'd like to do a complete software to show off to friends in my free time, So question:

What programming language should I learn to make gui softwares?

I don’t want them to be pieces of art, just functional and with not too man " unintentional features".

I really love Python, but for gui heard it's meh, but may be wrong

I don't want web technologies

looking forward to learning C, but not necessarily for gui
could try c++ I guess

Don’t want .net (coz you know ms and their Java knockoff)

Ruby seems cool, but it seems to be annihilated by ruby on rails

Not Java but Kotlin seems really cool, could also go with scala, idk

Forgot the other things

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    Kotlin is very good. Just my 2 cents.
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    There's many options
    You can use Java and use the swing library,but the swing components aren't too nice looking
    C++ has library called sfml to create GUIs.
    Python has a library called tkinter(I vote this one the ugliest looking of them all.
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    Too bad youre shitting on .net (especially C# is great imho), as its the easiest thing to use for GUI, anything else is pretty much things only a mother could love

    You could give electron a try, which is basically a packaged browser, running cross platform your webdev

    edit: oh, a backend guy, then youll probably wont have much from electron?
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