Today I found out my math teacher used to program in C++

I'm finally not the only programmer in school.

But she said her skills are outdated since that was a long time ago, but it's better than nothing! :D

We have alot in common. We're both bookworms, we both like to write, we're both Ravenclaw, we're both Erudite, and we both like to program.

I can safely say, I no longer despise my math teacher. I don't hate her, but I get annoyed how she's always absent right before a test.

Hopefully I can have a programming related conversation with her, assuming she didn't forget anything.

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    I thought you had a crush on your math teacher when I read the preview rant
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    I thought everyone knew I was a writer lol. I'm currently writing a novel, but I. can't really share it here.

    If you do some searching you might find some of my writing here: http:///www.midnight-writing-time.t...

    Or some of my poetry on here: https://my.w.tt/UiNb/mOKSpjSqmK
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    Uh, hell no. She's in her 30s lol.
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    @Michelle i know a few that would simply label that as experienced and go for her x)
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    Teachers are cool too but we tend to keep distance from students coz there is a possibility that the students may stop to respect us, and there is a chance that the teacher may be accused of favoritism
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    @Michelle “she’s in her 30s!” I remember when I used to say that...
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    @L8NightScience sure
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    Outdated? No such thing. Once you learn the fundamentals from any language, it’s with you forever. You can easily pick up any new language from there.
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    @scytheri0n those were the Days, young & fresh..eh
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    I remember being in school and nobody knowing programming. It felt lonely. Now after going to college for your major of study, you’re surrounded by lots of them. And it feels like home. Kind of. Not really. But at least you’re not alone.
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    What's wrong with you guys? Show us your GitHub page lol! 😂
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    Wait. What? Don't you have a computer science course in your high school? Which trains you c++ or python or java in addition to SQL and DBMS?
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    @VTCoder ofc a part of DBMS not complete.
    But complete of anyone of C++ java or python.
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    Nope, we don't. The closest thing to that is DBA which is an academy related to computers. The only thing they learn is extremem basic html, and scratch.
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    @Michelle well we didn't have scratch.
    We did HTML in 9th class or say, 14 years of age
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