I was facing another if those problems (not bugs) that have the good solution barely outside if your reach.
I decided to pull my Ace in the sleeve and ask on stackoverflow. As I was half way through my well written question, where I had to illustrate stuff in great detail, and express clearly what is required, I realized how to solve it.

If I had written the question like many of the people who complain that SO is full of pricks who just downvote, nobody would have understood it, and I wouldn't have solved it myself. I would have been ignored and maybe even downvoted.

Write down your requirements explicitly, unambiguously, and you solve half of the problem by that. Do that on SO and you will never complain again.

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    Don't know if you did so or not, but the few times I had it happen to me, I posted the question anyway, along with the answer....

    Mainly in case I forget again for another project, than I can look it up... But also to help a fellow dev 😊
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    @joykill not if it's a one-time thing - a very specific problem that very few people will ever have to solve.
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    Also true
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