Anyone else used Stack Overflow for many years without ever asking or answering a single question?

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    It's always good to search before asking a question; that way I have been able to solve my problems without asking a single question at SO 😉
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    Ive Tried a couple of times.. even tho my answer was correct, i dont know how to answer with a long ass explanation on Dark matter. So Yeah, not so much anymore 😅
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    @mrtnrdl can relate, my GF is very nice because even though she does not understand shit of what I'm talking about she knows it helps me find problem and spontaneously ask me about pieces of code I'm having problems with.
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    I did that for 2 years then i quit using so altogether
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    Are you just living in Germany or a native German? Either way, wonderful use of "mooching"! 😆
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    I use Google but the first few links usually are SO... So yes?
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    @CrankyOldDev I do live in Germany, but I'm not sure what that has to do with mooching!
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    @cjhowald It was a word I thought only a native English speaker (and someone from certain parts) would ever use. It just struck me.
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    @CrankyOldDev ah, well I am a native English speaker.
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    Me! Most of the time It takes me more than 20 minutes to structure my question properly. So I keep finding the answer while writing down details and outcomes of different approaches. Lately I don't even bother to start a stackoverflow question. I just write things down...
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    I never yet thought of a question that hasn't already been asked. That probably means I'm deeply unimaginative
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    Been using it since 2008 and used Stack Exchange even before that.
    Haven't asked a single question yet.
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    I asked a question on SO once. Got cancer. 11/10, would ask again.
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    Yes, I registered last month to troll in a question -_-
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    @Snatchedd wife material
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    @hoenir welcome to devRant! :)
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    Too shitscared to.
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    I tried to contribute once but apparently "look up your problem on SO, copy, repeat" was not acceptable
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    I prefer to avoid it
    To many nazi mods all to shut down new comers
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    Yup, here's one :)
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