That moment when you realise that stack overflow can't help you...

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    @h3ll embrace the rage, push though to the other side, be the foo, the bar and the baz! 😑
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    if SO can't help you.
    1 - Read through the documentation, or contact the creator.
    2 - Work hard fix issue, else you don't deserve to call yourself a programmer. Always looking for free solutions to problems
    3 - Once resolved, write a blog post, then
    4 - open a question on stackoverflow.com, answer it yourself, and dont forget to link your blog post!
    5 - ??????
    6 - PROFIT
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    @bhargav-mogra lol! Number 2 is a bit harsh.

    I'm working on animated irregular bin packing in SVG, while keeping initial paint below say 300ms and still being pretty. It's the advanced math that gets me stuck for a while, Voronoi tesselation and Navier-stokes stuff... not an uncommon problem imho, and not bad for a high school dropout!

    How do you like them apples?! 😜
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    @pixeltherapy getting stuck is all well n good, nobody is Einstein here (although even Einstein was pretty bad at Math, considering his IQ)
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    @bhargav-mogra I do wish I worked harder at math in school. In my defence, my math teacher was an idiot and my art teacher was hot 😍
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    @pixeltherapy I totally understand it! I would've most definitely done the same thing! ART FOR LIFE ! xD
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    is that picture a snap from a game?
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    @leviathan07 it's from The Martian. Best near future sci-fi in ages!
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    Thug life! Back read the Documentation,, 😂😂😂
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    It's not that they can't help you, it's that they won't because your question is 'off topic' or someone asked a similar one six years ago
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