“Your idea is not valuable, at all. All value is in the execution. You think you are an exception; you are not. You should not insist on an NDA to talk about it; nobody serious will engage in contract review over an idea, and this will mark you as clueless.” Patrick McKenzie

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    And then Facebook came.
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    Do you mean that Facebook is an exception? Because I’ve done grueling research (watched The Social network, twice) and execution won over idea.
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    I meant that the idea of Facebook is better than execution. The idea was stolen due to lack of NDA and mz gets all the credit.

    I find idea of Facebook amazing, execution is ok but nothing great!
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    @yendenikhil I think the point is... the idea of Facebook doesn’t generate profit and attract millions upon millions of actual users.

    Idea is hot air.

    Execution is tangible product.
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    @SSDD I understand your point of view but it is debatable depending on point of view, like without idea there is no product.
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    @yendenikhil I disagree that it’s even debatable. I’ve been through 2 rounds of startup funding personally. One where we raised several million and right now I’m involved in another where we’re raised a small number of thousands as a seed.

    Rich strangers don’t give you money for having an idea. They give you money once you’ve executed something tangible. Even if it’s just a prototype. You still need to actually do something.
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