Anyone enjoying the carnaval in köln?

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    do you like this shit?
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    @heyheni there is a carnaval in my home town, first time seeing the shit over here.

    I generally avoid crowds, but I might go for a drink. I heard I need tie.
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    I grew up in Düsseldorf and hate that shit.
    It's cold as fuck and people just drink.
    Most of the costumes are dumb nowadays.
    I had to be there today for a job interview and I am happy I am out.

    And yes I know Düsseldorf is not cologne but their carnival is not that different.
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    1. it‘s called Fasching
    2. Fasching stinkt.
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    oh ja, nach kotze im bus. 😆
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    @Picard 1) it's called Fasnet
    2) your right regarding this point
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