Being an introvert 17-year-old is tough at times :/

Have yet to find someone who shares my interests and has the will to get to truly know me.

Most people just barely scratch the surface and judge for what they see, but after all, I cannot expect any sort of deep relationship to take place with any of my peers.

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    Did someone clone me? 🤔
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    Been there. Still there.
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    @olback Heh, I really hope you're doing better than I am
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    I sympathize, because I've been introverted for a while, but my advice is to start conversations rather than waiting for them. Maybe others feel the same way and won't speak up! ;)
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    When I was 17, I was in the same shoes... This year I'll be turning 20... Still in the same situation... 😔
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    This is it
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    @TheItalianGuy Take it from someone with autism. Join a club, any club: Book club, Art club, robotics club, doesn't matter. Find people with a common interest no matter how basic. Stick to them like glue. I've had success with this in the past.
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    The best solution to tbat is to have experiences with people. Go for a one month treck. People have to know you by then.

    Santiago de compostella is a good idea in europe.
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    Thinking you are an introvert is oftentimes just a state in your mind or an illusion that the people around you create. We are humans (or half humans.. hehe) and by nature we like to meet and talk to people. Not feeling good around people who are „extrovert“ (usually just loud and/or ignorant anxious people), around people with whom you can only speak about weather/bitches/party is more than perfectly okay! For a long time I also believed I am an introvert not anymore. More like an ambivert. A man who likes to remain silent until I have something valuable/important or something worth talking about. A man who loves to be in the corner just to watch and analyse people so that when I speak it is funny/intelligent or something me and my partner(s) like to speak about. Keep up you are only 17 and here is this beautiful community whom you can count on
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    @godot You've basically described me as well. I'm a "watcher" too :)
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    @greenTea Really wish I'll find people like that after highschool. University is my only hope :/
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    @TheItalianGuy just make sure you don’t get creepy doing it :) it happened to me lol
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    @godot Can't get creepy on anyone if they don't see you ;) Lmao
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    It will get better once you're out of school. For me life really started ta University. Now I've got geeky friends and all.
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    Yeah, I get you. I have the same issue you got and still haven't found a way to get over it.
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