I just realized computers are vegan.
They mainly consume electricity.
If you find this thought dumb, think about it again, when you are on drugs of you choise. I am clean though.

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    Are you sure none of the products that are used to produce the electricity are animal products?
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    You could throw 2.5 cats into a rotating black hole to power Norway with the energy the cats emits on its way to the event horizon for a year.
    But why would you.

    Also: Are you no vegan if you eat plants that were dunged with a carnivores turd?
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    @Niddam a vegan doesnt eat animal products. If an animal is either hurt or is used in the final product you cant eat it as vegan right?
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    I don't know the precise definition and I don't want to get into this here.
    I just hope I didn't offend anyone as I didn't intend to.
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    Well my CPU can cook eggs
    Claim falsified.

    Q E D

    (ich bin maxi, btw, und NEIN das kann meine CPU nicht :'( )
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    You can't tell me there is no animal matter in coal power...
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