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We live in the past. Everything we call the present has already happened, we just aren't immediately aware of it.

For example, if the sun suddenly exploded, we would live for ~8 mins thinking nothing had happened. On the human scale, this still holds although the delays are much smaller. (also, the sun isn't where it appears to be :D)

Our senses deceive us 😯

Open to criticism :) just thought it was an interesting thought.

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    it's a nice perspective but it's just basic relativity.
    Except the second part of your thought doesn't correlate.

    If you assume our senses deceive us that means that our brains receive as input, sensory data, at let's say an 8 minute delay.
    We would definitely realize an 8 minute lag between our decisions/actions and the reaction of our environment.

    And while the first statement you made does make sense in a "relativitistic" perspective it's not so much a practical way to think as we don't really gain anything from applying this to our everyday problems 😅

    I could roughly say it's equivalent to redeclaring gravity as a push rather than a pulling force
    then we'd simply invert the signs of our equations
    and achieve the same results.
    (Though I'm not sure if what I just said makes sense or is correct :) )

    Yeah that's my thought.
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    @brasorexia Yeah no there's definitely nothing to gain, just thought it was an interesting thought. The thought that the sun isn't where we see it in the sky just popped into my head and got me thinking.

    About the delay, I was just using 8 mins in reference to the sun. The other inputs around us would obviously be fractions of a second of delay. But then again, I'm terrible at anything physics so take everything I say with a grain of salt.

    Thanks for your thoughts!
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    When the comments are longer than the rant. So here i gotta go talking nonsense that i dont even understand.

    If the sun were to explode, i wonder if we even would realize it, or it just would be one instant SWUSH NO MORE EARTH, or we would actually hear a *booom* or something, and see the death approach us.

    Would the earth get smashed to atoms, or become one big fire planet?

    I surely hope this comment still is longer than the rant, or else imma modify it. Sorry for useless amount of text :)
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    @rasm945i I doubt we'd hear anything... And we'd have to see it, since nothing travels faster than light. I guess it depends on how powerful the explosion is, but I can't do the physics for you :(

    One way or another, if not the explosion the freezing cold temperatures would kill us...
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    You guys high or sth? 🤔
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    @CurseMeSlowly Just have loads of free time while I sit bored in class xD 👌👌
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    And while you wake up in the morning thinking today I'll be productive, you have already been gaming and watching YT the whole day.
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